December 2023 HOA Board Meeting

Hanover Manor HOA Board Meeting
December 6, 2023

In Attendance: Dan Glosier, President; Diane Uhll, Treasurer; Clair Johnson, Secretary. Absent: Peter Bishop, Vice President

Dan called the meeting to order.

PO Box renewal due.

Entrance sign: Existing border pavers were removed and reset, and mulch was installed. Neighbors whose property adjoins the entrance sign, Paul & Teresa Maletich, and Joe & Clair Johnson did the reset and mulching. Diane issued Clair a check for $34.37 for the mulch.

Fines for property owners that have sheds and have not removed them were issued in June. Quarterly notices will now be sent out twice a year instead of quarterly to save cost that City & Village charge to send out the notices.

Motion made to adjourn, seconded and all were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,
Clair Johnson

7 thoughts on “December 2023 HOA Board Meeting”

  1. My shed is attached to my house and was there when I bought the house. It has the same siding as my house and in fact my siding on my house is built around the contour of the shed. Why do we have this ridiculous rule about outbuildings? It should be changed. When is the next HOA meeting?

    1. Rule changes require 75% approval of lot owners as set forth in our neighborhood governing documents. There has been some interest in changing this rule dating back to our 2022 annual meeting, however, the necessary signatures to petition for a rule change have not been presented to the board. The board is open to any rule changes provided the needed signatures are obtained by the neighborhood and can be verified by the board after being presented. Our next annual meeting will be in September 2024. A date has yet to be formalized.

  2. Ok so I need two things. I need to know what the boundaries of the Hanover Manor subdivision is so that I can start collecting signatures within its boundaries. I need to know all rules about submitting a petition to the board. It’s a ridiculous rule especially since mine is ATTACHED to my house. It was here when I bought the house and it offends me that you’re trying to make me pay this

    1. I apologize for the frustration caused by the previous homeowner not disclosing this. The board alerted the neighborhood in Spring 2023 via a mailed letter that detailed what it had observed to be misinformation circulating that an attached shed was allowed. This is not substantiated anywhere in our governing documents, however, so the letter sent in Spring 2023 was done to remind the neighborhood of the prevailing rule and formalize the enforcement action that the board would be taking. The board is made up of homeowners like you who ultimately serve on behalf of the neighborhood to ensure our common grounds are maintained, insured, and that our neighborhood rules our followed. We encourage any homeowner to petition for changes if the rules no longer suit the current residents and commit to updating them provided the requirements to do so as outlined in our governing documents are met.

      The Hanover Manor boundaries roughly extend west of Zumbehl down Penbrooke Ln and Sherborn Ln to the city/county line which separates Hanover Manor from Saint Charles Hills. This includes the streets of Danube Way, Witten Ct, Verden Ct, Minden Ct, Hamelin Dr, Marbach Way, Marbach Ct, Westerland Ct, Landau Ct, and Elbe Dr. The houses on Zumbehl itself are not part of Hanover Manor. We would need each approving homeowner’s name, address, signature, and a way to contact them for verification. Signing homeowners would need to agree to the specific language being proposed for the rule update. If you would reach out to us via the contact option in the upper right of the website I can provide more details.

  3. Hello

    I recently received a notification from you that my shed was a violation and had to be removed.

    I have researched this. The shed is attached to my house and would be a significant cost to remove due to needing to also add siding to my house.

    The shed has been attached to the house since at least 1997. I know this because I contacted the previous owners. Those same owners also didn’t receive any notices about the shed.

    I have owned the house since 2018 and this the first I have heard about anything about the shed from the HOA.

    Missouri statute 516.095(link below)outlines a 2 year statute of limitations.

    I have also consulted an attorney who confirmed the statute 516.095 prevents you from taking action.

    I will not be removing the shed nor will I be paying the fine.

    FYI – I tried to send this via email but the email listed under contact us did not work.

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