Monument Restoration

Many of you may have noticed the work that was done on our main subdivision monument at the corner of Penbrooke and Zumbehl Rd. After over 30 years, the monument was in dire shape. The board sought bids for the work from four masonry companies, only two of which ever responded to calls and emails. Ultimately, the job was awarded to Segal Masonry because they had the most competitive pricing, and the board was confident in the quality of their work as evidenced by the Westborough subdivision monuments that they also recently restored. In assessing the repairs necessary, it was noted that the original cylindrical columns were failing because they were poorly designed and not built to withstand the elements. There were no caps which allowed 30 years of moisture to seep into the mortar, eroding it away and causing them to begin falling apart. Further, the footings underneath the columns had split and crumbled – possibly having never been poured properly in the first place. This was causing the columns to slide forward and split vertically. There was no reasonable way to repair these with any confidence that they would last. The decision was made to replace the footings and rebuild the failing columns. The center portion of the sign was still in pretty good shape, and it was saved. Segal poured new footings, rebuilt new columns with proper caps, tuck pointed the center portion, then acid-washed and sealed the entire monument. The board is very happy with the results, and we hope the residents are, as well.