Notice of Annual Meeting 2024

Hanover Manor Homeowners Association, Inc.

May 2024


Official Notice of the Annual Meeting for 2024

The annual meeting of the Hanover Manor Homeowners Association, Inc., will be September 17th, at St. Cletus Catholic Church (2705 Zumbehl Road, St. Charles, MO, 63301), at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will be held in the Parish Hall (bottom level of the church).

We highly recommend that you come to the meeting and find out what is going on.  Later in August a paper ballot and proxy form will be mailed to you for the below items if you cannot attend and will be available on our website if you do not receive it.  Please, vote your ballot in person or mail it in, or designate someone on the written proxy to vote for you at the meeting.

We have two board member seats to fill this year for our Vice President and Secretary positions (three and one year terms) and are in need of volunteers!  We request that volunteers respond via email no later than August 1st so that we can put you onto the ballot for the September 17th meeting. 

Additionally, we have heard concerns regarding the difficulty with updating the neighborhood Deed of Dedication, Restrictions, and Protective Covenants (on the website as the bylaws).  The board will be putting two ballot initiatives regarding updates to these rules on the ballot.  75% approval (Approx. 153 “Yes” votes) is required for these to pass.

Billing for 2025 Assessments

We will be continuing the previously approved amount of $50 for the 2025 calendar year.  Bills will go out in December of this year for 2025 assessment payments.  Please pay your bill in full as soon as you receive it and post mark to the address on the invoice.  Payments not sent to City and Village and instead sent to our PO Box may see a delay in processing as they must be hand delivered by a board member.  Payments will be due no later than January 31, 2025.   If payment is not received by then, a letter will be sent out informing the homeowner that 30 days after the due date, a lien will be placed on the property for the assessment and fees.


P.O. Box 1812

              St. Charles, MO  63302



Board of Directors

President                     Dan Glosier, 2920 Marbach Court

Vice President             Peter Bishop, 2985 Landau Court

Treasurer                     Diane Uhll, 2909 Marbach Court

Secretary                     Clair Johnson, 2993 Landau Court